Consulting and Custom Interiors



I offer design and color consultation for both interior and exterior spaces. Color is a wonderfully easy tool to use to enhance the livability and curb appeal of your home. It can be utilized to assign a mood or sense to a room.

In choosing colors, thought must be given to the natural and electric light in the room. Seasons must also come into consideration, as sunlight is warmer or cooler at different times of year. Care must be taken to find a color that doesn’t feel stuffy in the summer light or unseasonal in the winter. Color can also make a room feel cozy and intimate or large and airy.
Using color to enhance your home’s curb appeal requires much the same thought process. Consideration must be given to the hue and tonality of the exterior hardscape as well as the soft scape or greenery surrounding the structure.

Choosing colors can be difficult and fraught with anxiety for many people. I can alleviate the stress and make the appropriate decision for you. My extensive knowledge of four-season, regionally appropriate gardening will accentuate and enhance the overall effect.

I am also happy to assist with decision-making in other parts of your home, including helping with kitchen and bath projects and redesigning or de-cluttering your house to maximize the effect without totally refurbishing.

Custom Interiors

A home sometimes has a problem area that requires a little creativity and imagination to make it shine. A door or a small piece of wall, for instance, may need to become a piece of art in order to justify its position as the focal point of an entryway or landing. My background in fine art and design gives me the unique ability to envision and create the perfect solution for your home.

I take into account the color palette, scale and aesthetics of your house. Decorative painting is often the easiest solution to camouflage architectural flaws. At other times tiles are the answer. I have an extensive background in ceramics and can create custom hand-glazed tiles or ceramic wall-sculpture that will complement your taste and lifestyle. Clay products also are a wonderfully durable addition to moist or heavy work areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Every piece is handmade.