About The Artist


My art is a constantly evolving entity. It is a journey without end that at times passes oases of creativity and development while at other times the path is veiled and opaque.

As an expressive artist, I do not limit myself to a single genre. I revel in variety and paint landscapes, still life as well as portraiture. At times I have stretched my artistic self by creating themed abstract art, which is often preceded by a poem. The poem serves as a means of inspiration and as a verbal artistic guide. I believe that paintings must have a mood and a sense of light whether bright or dim and barely there. The artist must provide the observer with a visual story that engages and provokes some thought. The art shown on this website is done in oils or watercolor. In the past, I have also sculpted in clay and iron.

I graduated with a BFA from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Philadelphia. My art and studies have taken me abroad, where I received an America-Israel Cultural Scholarship Award. I am a member of The Art Students League of New York, the New Arts Group, New Jersey Plein Air Painters and serve on the Millburn Art Advisory Committee in my hometown of Millburn, NJ.

If you would like to follow my art in real time and see works in progress, you may follow me on Instagram @orangegreenbird